S1-Episode 1: Columbus, as in Christopher - (Air Date 11/28/19)

Updated: Jan 3, 2020


In 1492, Christopher Columbus did not discover America. Instead, on October 12, he discovered the Bahamas, which he thought were islands off the coast of China, and explored the coasts of Central and South America. In fact, he never set foot in, what is now known as modern-day North America.

When he arrived in Hispaniola, he was greeted by the friendly Taino people whom he proceeded to decimate over the next few decades by enslaving them, mistreating them, and imposing deadly diseases upon them.

Listen to episode 1 where we'll discuss Christopher Columbus. Was he an explorer or a mass murderer? Or a mass exploring murderer? Or did he murder a mass of explorers? You never know unless you LISTEN.

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